Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Although they had been living here for 3 weeks now, the house still looked new to John. He always kept stumbling into strange things and found new doors which sometimes vanished. His mother didn't believe him and he didn't care about it. He just wanted to explore his new house. 

On a chilly winter evening, John went into his mother's room and asked her if she would play with him. 

"I'm busy, honey." She was writing something in a notebook. 

"But mom, I want to play!" he persisted.

"John, please. Let me finish my work, we'll play afterwards." 

"But you work till late! It would be bedtime when you finish your work." He pleaded.

"Baby please. I've got some really important work to do! Please go play with someone else!"

"Someone else, who? The ghosts?"
He asked innocently because they had no neighbours.

"Yeah, go. Have fun." She told him off.

"Fine, but moooom, they always win..!" He replied, sadly. 

The notebook fell from her hand, her face aghast...

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