Sunday, 31 January 2016


She ran with all her might without looking back. She knew that this was her only chance to escape.

Escape from the sad and cruel reality. Far from the reach of those lustful vultures.

After all these years, how she wished for a life slightly different. How she wished for her father to come and rescue her. How she wished that her father wouldn't have remarried. She always wondered why her father never came looking for her.


For the sake of her upbringing, he replaced her dead mother with that evil lady who became the reason she was in this prison, never to be found again.

That phony hostel that promised to take care of her sold her to people who forced her to sell her body for survival at the age of 13.

She knew that she may never see her father again, or even if see, he'd never accept her as his own after all the lies feeded to him by her step mother and the warden but she knew that she'll live a new life now, a better life, leaving the scars of the past behind.

Thursday, 24 December 2015


Dear XX Purple,

There I stood, right behind the big guy, listening to all that you said about all the things that mattered to you. I was hoping my name would come up every time you uttered an 'and', but it never did. I was disappointed, but I thought it would still be different in your heart, that you still wish me to hold your hand down the darkest of your paths. I think I overdid with the expectations.

I saw your house the other day, it has been painted purple. It must be your choice because you never enjoyed any colour other than this. Am I right? I hope I am.

My life's been a colour on the Rubik's cube ever since you thought it was right for you to go. I have never been complete after you took away the most important part of my life after you took yourself away. I had hoped for a life that would be crazy so that it doesn't get boring, but not this crazy! Never this crazy.

I always thought I was the white that could lighten your dark purple but turned out you lightened your purple and painted me with your black! I am unable to recognize myself now. It feels like the colour I breathe, stinks. It doesn't make any difference when I try to enjoy the fragrance of fresh flowers or a deo because all I smell is the stale smell of the black pain that you left my white self with.

I wish I could keep the hope alive, but your black painted my white. I wanted to, I really did, but not anymore. It's time, I regain my butterfly pink. It's time I get rid of the tainted white, your black and your purple. It's time I find someone who can acquaint me with the beauty that green beholds and who purifies anything that is left of your black. Someone who sets me free, who can complete the Rubik's cube and make me whole, both by heart and soul.

All this time, I kept thinking that there's a possibility that I'll see you again, that there can be a 'we', but yet again, it never happened. I think it's time to say goodbye. For me to say it, it takes a lot of pain, but your black did one good thing to me that it made me strong enough to throw it away, to cleanse myself.

I hope you explore new colours and never greet black again. I hope that after you read this, you hope the same for me. I've made my peace with it, so if you don't, it's still okay.

Yours previously,

XX Pink

Monday, 20 July 2015

'The Last Letter'

'The Last Letter'

She was very happy that day. Her son was finally returning from that foreign land after four long years. She had done everything that she could have that could please her son. Prepared the sweets he loved with her hands that took almost a day's work. Arranged his room like he kept it before, not a single thing displaced. Wore the saree he had gifted her on her 43rd birthday. She hadn't slept for two days in a row, the excitement and happiness of seeing her son did away with the basic need of a human body, rest. Now she waited with bated breath to see her son.

The son came home with a different air that she overlooked in the happiness of seeing him, but not for long. She spread her arms to embrace him, but he made a face, said he was tired and went to his room.


She could understand that the long flight had taken a toll on her dear son. She ran to the kitchen and prepared a glass of lime water. As soon as she barged into his room, he spoke, 'You should have knocked'. She ignored it and told him to drink it and get over with his headache as she sat by his side. He shifted uncomfortably in his bed which made her stand up. She chose to let him sleep after she saw him trying hard to keep his eyes open.

She prepared his favorite 'Aaloo ke Parantha' for dinner. Her face fell when she saw him all dressed up, coming out of his room. ''Mom, I'm going to meet my friends. Will be late.'' It's okay, we stay together, we can talk anytime, she thought and put the paranthas back in the hot case. After cleaning the kitchen, she sat there, on the dining table, waiting for him to return.

He came back at 4 in the morning. She was awake, but he went straight to his room without even looking at the figure staring at him. He must be sleepy, she thought as she walked over to his room. He was staring at his phone, laughing hysterically. She smiled but chose not disturb him, yet again.

The next day, she was in for a surprise as she saw him in the kitchen, cooking something. On being asked, he said he was preparing breakfast for both of them. Her joy knew no bounds to see her boy cooking for her. He sat down with her after serving the poha he had made.

He said, ''Mom, I know it would be difficult for you, but I want to move out. I need some money.'' Colour drained from her face and the spoon fell from her hand. 'What do you mean, son? 'Why do you have to move out? Is something troubl...' He cut her before she could complete, 'I knew you wouldn't understand!' and walked over to his room.

She knew there was nothing she could do to stop him. She decided that she couldn't let him ruin his and her life's savings by spending them on something he didn't really need. She made up her mind and made a few calls.

Next day, he looked all over for his mother, but he couldn't find her. He was rather irritated than worried. He went to his room and sat on his bed to find a piece of paper, neatly folded.

Dear son,

I'm sorry for the way I reacted yesterday. I think I wasn't ready for such a news. I never meant to be a burden, I was rather hoping to spend my rest of the life taking care of you.

I was quite disturbed after your father died, as you weren't here to comfort me. I found that comfort, the day you came back from America. But seems like I was blinded to see that my comfort wasn't really the idea of comfort for you. I assume that's how it's like out there and that's how you want it to be.

There is nothing more important to me than to see you happy, and when I can be the reason for the same, there is no way I'm losing it. I know, that to meet my life's goal, I'll have to leave your side and hence you are reading this.

I know that I'm leaving my husband's house in able hands. Please take care of yourself and the house because nothing's more precious to me than the smile on your face and the pride of your father, his house.

Don't you worry about me because I've served the purpose of my life and there can be no mother happier than me!

Love always,
Your Mother.

Saturday, 2 May 2015


I can see him sleeping peacefully on our bed. He didn't even stir when I entered the room as if I never entered. I wonder if he ever slept that sound beside me. He has nothing on besides his briefs. I reach by his side to take a closer look at his perfectly carved serene face that muscular jaw line that made me drool over him. His one hand was on his side and the other folded behind his head to serve as a headrest. It seemed like he was exhausted and slept as soon as he closed his eyes. We always cuddled while sleeping. He once told me that he cannot sleep alone because he was scared of the darkness. Interesno, how is he sleeping now? Seems like time teaches us things we most dread or maybe situations. Or maybe his inner darkness is scarier than this outer darkness.

Ha! Now he is dreaming about me. I do miss you, darling! And now I am here to reunite with you, to make our souls meet. Just a little patience.

I outline his face with my index finger, disturbing him a little. I want him to see that I'm here. I know that would wake him up, but it's for the best.

I run my fingers through his disheveled hair. His eyebrows arched forming creases on his forehead.
I go close to his right ear and breathe slowly. He should acknowledge my presence.

His eyes shot open, his face frightened. He sat up straight, looking around.


I am offended. Can't he see me? I'm standing right beside him and he is looking everywhere else!

To show my presence, I switch on the bedside lamp's dim purple light. I bought this lamp two months back when we redecorated our room.

Scared, he switches off the lamp and reaches for the switch of the tube light.

Ahh, not again! How many times do I have to tell him that I don't like lights much? This darkness suits me better. I feel more in control in this black shadowy darkness.

He seems confused. He switches on the lamp and reaches for his phone.

I switch the lamp off. What does he have to do with his phone now? Great, now he is typing! That's what smartphones do to you! Be it day or night. I had warned him not to use his phone in the bedroom. He never takes me seriously.

I knock the phone off his hand. It crashes on the floor and its pieces scatter. That serves it right. I sigh.

Oh, so now he is looking at me. But it seems more like he is looking through me. Disappointing.

He leaves the bed hurriedly and loses his balance. I'm not going to help him stand. He has to learn it himself, to stand without my help. He stands up slowly, this time cautious of someone's presence. Not mine, someone's.

He walked over to his study table and sat down to write something after chugging a glass full of water down his dry throat. Why does he have to write every time? I mean like, am I of no importance? Does my presence make no impact?

I took off the blanket from the bed and spread it on the floor. I made it look like my silhouette. Genius! I know, right? He looked at it, amused, but only for a minute and resumed his writing. He knows I can't read still he has to write all the time. Can't he just speak his mind! I will appreciate that. 

"Peculiar things have been happening since the day you left me." He spoke, his head buried in his arms.

He almost gave me a shock when he spoke as if he had heard what I said. However, I'm glad my message got through. He has no idea how much have I waited for him to talk to me.
Speak on my love, I'm listening.

"The flickering lights of the lamps and the slow breaths in my ear make me dizzy. I've heard such things scare people, but these never scare me. They seem like a naughty child's tricks. I hope you are listening because I need it to stop. I need to sleep; I have a lot of work to do. Why don't you take care of this imposter, whoever it is?"

Disgusting! So he thinks of me as an imposter. How brave of him to ask me to stop myself. Sorry love, you took the trouble yourself.

The lamp crashes on the floor and a blanket of glass is formed. He is shocked because it has never happened before. Good, you must know not to upset me.


"Oh, stop with that already!" He spoke loudly, irritated.

So much for this fake bravery. I can see that tiny flicker of fear in his eyes. Ooh, I caught it. I promise it's the last time today.

The jug on the study table falls down with a thud, water spreading everywhere.

"GOD, WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!" he screamed, jumping towards the bed.

Ouch, it hurt my ear. Too loud, honey. I think it's time.

The blanket, which formed my silhouette was about to be strewn with water. He quickly tiptoed towards it and picked it up. The blanket flew upwards and a big piece of glass that was stuck in it cut his lip leaving a long and deep scar.

He flinched with pain and ran towards the bedside drawer to find cotton.

Ah, not so easy. I jammed the drawer. He tried to open it but all in vain. He took the blanket and covered the wound.

So you think it's over? Remember when I said it's time to reunite?

He covered himself with another blanket and sat back on the bed, creating a safety net around him through the pillows.

"Why are you not stopping this? You never obeyed me. Stupid woman."

Oh, no no. I don't like it when he talks to me like this. I slammed the door of the balcony, loudly. Loud enough to see his face give away his bravery mask.

"What have I done to deserve this wrath?" He pleaded.

Funny, that you ask this question! Let me remind you of what you did. Just a minute.

I dragged him off the bed, on the glass-strewn floor. He screamed with pain as the pieces of glass pierced every part of his muscular body. I took a pillow, the same that he used, and covered his face with it. He gasped for his breath blowing his fists and kicking in the thin air.

As if that would hurt me. It's almost over. Just one thing left.

I removed the pillow and he inhaled heavily. But I didn't waste time.

He was shocked beyond measures to see me doing that to him. His beloved wife whom he had killed the same way was about to kill him. "You..." was the last thing he said as I punched his face so hard that blood oozed out of his mouth. By the way, I can't touch him, so I hit him hard with the wooden lamp.  

Serves him right. Even after he killed me, I thought I should forgive him because I loved him. But he kept reminding me of what a beast he really was.

They say ghosts are bad. No, we aren't bad. We just do what you people do to your enemies while you are alive, but in a different fashion, the ghost way, garnished with little superpowers to make it scary.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Although they had been living here for 3 weeks now, the house still looked new to John. He always kept stumbling into strange things and found new doors which sometimes vanished. His mother didn't believe him and he didn't care about it. He just wanted to explore his new house. 

On a chilly winter evening, John went into his mother's room and asked her if she would play with him. 

"I'm busy, honey." She was writing something in a notebook. 

"But mom, I want to play!" he persisted.

"John, please. Let me finish my work, we'll play afterwards." 

"But you work till late! It would be bedtime when you finish your work." He pleaded.

"Baby please. I've got some really important work to do! Please go play with someone else!"

"Someone else, who? The ghosts?"
He asked innocently because they had no neighbours.

"Yeah, go. Have fun." She told him off.

"Fine, but moooom, they always win..!" He replied, sadly. 

The notebook fell from her hand, her face aghast...

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Thursday, 9 April 2015


Nikhil saw his boss pass by his cabin. He was going towards hers, again. He had decided to do something about it even though it put his job on risk. He dialled her number and hoped she’d pick up the phone. As soon as she accepted the call, the boss reached opened the door to her cabin.

She kept sitting there, with a stern look on her face.

‘Ritika, I suppose you didn’t get my message.’ He asked.

‘What message?’ she asked back, surprised.

‘I sent the clerk to inform you to be in my cabin when I returned after lunch!’ 

‘I’m here right now, what can I do for you?’ she thought, what now?

‘Ah! You know what YOU can do very well but what you don’t know is what I can do.’ He replied, cheerfully.

‘I beg your pardon?’ she asked, confused, God! He is talking crazy again. Who appointed this drunkard!

‘I just got to know about your brother’s accident. I hear he needs to be operated.’ He spoke with fake concern on his face.

‘Yes, you heard it right, but that’s none of your business.’ She was shocked, but she managed to not show it.

‘But I want to help you! I can arrange the money required for the operation. INR 150000, is that right?’ He said, earnestly.

‘Yes, but I don’t need your help. Now if you will excuse me, I have a lot of work to do.’ Take help from you and screw you in return? Do I look that stupid to not figure out what your friendly talk means? She thought, annoyed.

‘You know what; the biggest problem with you is that you don’t listen to people.  The loan you have applied for, from the company, won’t be sanctioned until I sign the reference note. So as a matter of fact, you do need my help.’ His eyes were shining as he spoke.

‘And why wouldn’t you sign a piece of paper that wouldn’t cost you anything but would cost my brother his life?’ She asked, taken aback and disgusted at the same time.

‘Well, I’ll be more than happy to sign it for you, just come to my office with the paper. You can get the paper from my assistant. And yes, JUST THE PAPER.’ He spoke those words with a pause.

‘Wait, I’ll get it right now, just give me a minute.’ What’s on his mind now? Well, if he is doing it without any offer that he makes usually, that’s all the more good for me. She thought as she stood up.

‘Oh, no no no. I wouldn’t want to disturb you. Come by at 5, I’ve got some things to discuss too.’ He reached by her side and motioned her to sit.

‘But the office time gets over by 4:30!’ So, here’s the loophole, she thought.

He leaned in the table, his face a few inches away from her and spoke very slowly and clearly, ‘Yes but it’s very crowded, I don’t want to be disturbed. And remember, come with JUST THE PAPER, there should be nothing else WITH YOU OR ON YOU. See you, then!’ He left as she sat there dumbfounded.

‘What the hell...!’ the colour drained from Nikhil's face. I’m not letting you get away with this, you jerk, he thought to himself as he saw him pass by his cabin, smiling smugly.

He looked at his phone, put the record button to stop and cut the call. He made his way to her cabin. We’ll get rid of him soon, he thought, smiling.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015


He saw his mother. 

He was covered with mud and his mother was laughing heartily. 'Oh my God Rishabh, I can't stop laughing! How did this happen?' She asked, holding her stomach tight, grinning widely.
'I... I fell in the puddle while rescuing a puppy.'
'Oh, is the puppy safe now?'
'Yes, ma.'
'Come here now.'
She pulled his cheeks lovingly. He re-lived that sensation.

He saw his father.

He had the trophy in his hand. His father was beaming with pride. He could barely contain himself and picked him up in his hands. He felt the joy in his eyes.

He saw his sister.

He brought gifts for everybody except his sister. She was upset and angry beyond measures.
The door bell rang. She opened the door and saw a brand new Vespa. The tears in her eyes weren't stopping as she looked at him smiling broadly. He could see that smile.

He saw his wife.

He was leaving for his pre-war training. He wouldn't see her for two years now, but she wasn't crying. She put tilaka on his forehead like the queens did in the ancient times when their kings lefts for the wars. She said, 'I am proud of being your wife. Victory shall accompany you back home.' and hugged him tight. He could feel the warmth of that hug.

He opened his eyes and the bullet touched his heart. He sacrificed his life for the nation, smiling.

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