Sunday, 31 January 2016


She ran with all her might without looking back. She knew that this was her only chance to escape.

Escape from the sad and cruel reality. Far from the reach of those lustful vultures.

After all these years, how she wished for a life slightly different. How she wished for her father to come and rescue her. How she wished that her father wouldn't have remarried. She always wondered why her father never came looking for her.


For the sake of her upbringing, he replaced her dead mother with that evil lady who became the reason she was in this prison, never to be found again.

That phony hostel that promised to take care of her sold her to people who forced her to sell her body for survival at the age of 13.

She knew that she may never see her father again, or even if see, he'd never accept her as his own after all the lies feeded to him by her step mother and the warden but she knew that she'll live a new life now, a better life, leaving the scars of the past behind.